Gaze at the the Stars at Morehead Planetarium


As one of North Carolina’s cultural and historic hubs, Chapel Hill has plenty to offer in both entertainment and enrichment. Whether you love to watch the night sky and have your constellations memorized, or you don’t know Betelgeuse from Alpha Centauri and you want to know more, head to Morehead Planetarium and Science Center for a day […]

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The Best Movie Theaters Near Shortbread Lofts


Did you know that the average person goes to the movies six times a year? There are nearly forty thousand screens across the United States, and theaters near Shortbread Lofts include: Lumina Theater Nestled in the Southern Village neighborhood, Lumina is a locally owned independent theater that offers a cozy experience. It features five theaters that play first-run films […]

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Don’t Miss the Upcoming Concerts at the Carolina Theatre

a concert

An easy drive from Shortbread Lofts is a destination that has called downtown Durham home since 1926. We are talking about the Carolina Theatre, and every year it presents daily films and more than sixty concerts. It’s known as one of the city’s most beloved institutions and is an intimate venue with under 1,100 seats. More […]

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